Pics of Donations being made to Local Charities from Proceeds of the Red Ride!


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Red Knights Fireman's Motorcycle Club PA-13, Washington County Pa

Proceeds from benefit Ride May 15, 2011

To Salvation Army, Washington Pa, 15301

Picture left to right, Gus Bauer, President R.K.M.C. PA-13 Giving Check In Amount of $500.00

Accepting Check Captain Michael Jung, Corps Commanding Officer For Salvation Army.

Donation to American Red Cross in the amount of $500.00

From Red Knights Fireman's Motorcycle Club PA-13, Washington County. Proceeds From Benefit Ride May 15, 2011

Picture Left To Right, Joe L Podalinky, Firefighter Peters Twp Vol Fire Co. where Red Cross Respond Truck is Housed.

Deanne Heller, Financial Development Coordinator For Red Cross. Accepting Check 

Gus Bauer, President R.K.M.C. PA-13, Giving Check

Mike Stanish, Vice President R.K.M.C.PA-13

Red Knights Fireman Motorcycle Club PA-13 Making $500.00 Donation to 2000 Turkey Fund From Ride Proceeds.

                                  left to right:

Mayor Dave Rhome -Canonsburg PA, Dave Mazon-Red Knight Member, Pete Povich-W.J.P.A Program Director

Senator Tim Solobay-Red Knight Member, Mike Stanish-Vice President Red Knights

Janet Mazon-Red Knight Member, Gus Bauer-President Red Knights PA13, Dale Rhome-Red Knight Member

(Tim Solobay and Dave Rhome are also 2000 Turkey drive Directors)

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